Мы объединяемся и объединяем мир, чтобы не утратить мудрость и создавать новые смыслы

Why become a sensemaker

Under the wing of a strong company

Sensemakers are sages one can hire. Join us to get the powerful support, boundless opportunities for professional development and success along with the lifetime learning experience.

What we as sensemakers provide you with?

Lifelong career plan Lifelong career plan

The globally proven tools for professional development.

Strong brand Strong brand

For international recognition and expansion of your client base.

Community Community

Experts you will get a chance to learn from and share your ideas and experience with.

Cross-training opportunities Cross-training opportunities

With the leading coaches, trainers, professors.

Marketing and PR Marketing and PR

We will use our global resources to promote you and your work.

Network Network

Get major companies to become your clients, using our connections all over the world.

Learning Learning

Our own conferences and partner events are available to Sensemakers for incredible learning opportunities.

Lifelong education Lifelong education

Get constant access to the new IP, innovative products, new certification and existing products.

Certification Certification

Master the most advanced, proven, and popular tools. Includes our own products and a set of carefully selected instruments developed by the world renowned experts.

We believe in generosity, support and collaboration.

Exceptional opportunities for trainers


Exceptional opportunities for trainers

Sign up for certification to master our instruments and join us – let’s wisen up the world together!







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