Exceptional ideas are not born in closed ecosystems. A tandem is a unique unit of creative Union that allows an idea to be born, as well as to go so far in its development, where it is not easy to reach alone.

Victoria Mikhailova

Name: Victoria Mikhailova

Country: Russian Federation,

Language: French, English, Russian, Polish


Consultant and coach on strategy, leadership, partnership. Process Communication Model and Emotional Assertiveness Master Trainer, French Foreign Trade Advisor, EO member. Lecturer at HEC Paris & Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Sensemakers Co-Founder & Director


At the core of any organization there is a tandem

Contemporary leadership concepts are all about sprints. Sprints are not enough to build your life success story. All exceptional projects have one thing in common – long lasting professional relationships. 

Efficient tandem is your guarantee against leader’s major problems: solitude, meaningless projects, abandoned dreams, lack of motivation, change of character, identity alteration, selfishness and narcissism, mental and spiritual impoverishment and the catastrophe of burn-out. 

Working in tandem is key for permanent actualization of our relation to the world, for accomplishment of your creative potential and for a great stable result that gives the meaning to your life.


Our research started from our intuition that something was missing in Leadership theories. Our personal stories have shown that the great and best achievements are systematically the fruit of the work in tandem rather in solo.    

The major part of organizational theories sees organizations on three levels: Individual - Team - Organization. To that we can add a couple as an organizational unit in private life. And what if we could add a missing part into the puzzle of how enhance organizations and make them great?  

In addition, actual trend of personal development and exemplarity generates an intense pressure on leaders. They are expected to show in permanence courage, compliance, transparence, intelligence, ability to act, to interact, to envision, to communicate, to give, to share, to empower, to inspire, to create and to motivate. Be able to solve any issue, any time with anyone. The leader is a half God with inexhaustible energy, and he is supposed to self-manage for creating his energy and inspiring the others. Now meditation and sport are the solutions for keeping the flame and producing this energy.

But it is not enough for facing all the challenges, problems and to regenerate their creative, serene and sustainable leadership!



Three years of research lead us to the development of a methodology [Tandemology] that allows you to create, maintain, and recognize your tandem that leads to a successful and modern approach to leadership. 

The methodology is based on an empirical and experimental research that allowed us to create an exclusive training program for entrepreneurs and CEO’s.

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TANDEMOCRACY: Exceptional solution for your performance

This course will help you understand, practice and integrate all aspects of highly effective work in tandem: psychological, systemic, strategical, financial and legal.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:


Realize a project you will be proud of


Become more serene


Have a better feeling of where are you in your life  


Evolve in climate of trust and confidence


Benefit of a great synergy 1+1=11


Decrease your stress and anxiety, the first source of failure of entrepreneurs


Avoid losing your time to do uninteresting tasks that do not create value


Minimize the sterile conflicts, which consume time and resources

You will also get:

  • A project of your professional life
  • Model and scenario of your tandem
  • Railings against the traps and breadth from the solo work or bad partnerships
  • A road map of your tandem
  • Conditions for its success through the knowledge of key factors 
  • Unlocked bolts which are blocking your creative potential
You will also get:


Tandemocracy is being offered as an open training, corporate training as well as in consulting and coaching formats.

Systemic approach of partnership

Systemic approach of partnership
  • Types of partnership and definition of tandem
  • Purpose and benefits of tandem
  • Systemic vision of tande
  • Successful partnership models
  • Complementarity and differences
  • Rules of healthy tandem
  • Roles and functions of tandemess
  • First and second - Personality structure and personal story of each tandemee
  • Communication between tandemees
  • Tandem as an organizational unit
  • Your project of partnership
Constructive partnership in any circumstances
  • Useful and sterile conflicts: how to manage and to benefit from them
  • Managing motivation and preventing distress
  • Anticipating and securing the worth scenarios
  • Decreasing the tension and leading out of drama
  • Conflicts in which a third party is involved (state, court...)
  • Well chose and manage the lawyers
  • Partnership conflicts in front of the Court
  • Negotiating under the pressure
  • Personal relationship in the professional tandem
Scenarios of your partnership
  • Coaching of your partnership project
  • Your relation to the montre and how to manage financial and heritage aspects of partnership
  • Building relations with financial partners
  • Assets in the tandem
  • How to make a good exit from the tandem
  • How to transmit the assets
  • Creating your tandemocracy network


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