Something very special happens after every game. Answers to the most challenging questions appear obvious. You begin to move rapidly toward your goals.

When we set a goal, we start having our doubts. Will we get there? Are we ready for a change? During a game we deal with this internal resistance and as a result we become able to concentrate on achieving our goals, one hundred percent. 

Evgeniy Geller

Name: Evgeniy Geller

Country: Russian Federation,

Language: Russian, Latvian


Business and personal growth games author and developer. Founder and owner at GellerGames. Board member of International Game Practitioners Association. Speaker at international game development conferences. Creator of unique gaming solutions for major corporate clients.

The Power of games

Gamification taking over the world. The modern rhythm of life, the volume of information flow, and the speed of decision-making have increased several times over the past century and continue to gain momentum. We need all the new skills to maneuver in this raging stream. Flexibility of thinking, communication skills, pumping soft skills, the ability to go beyond the usual solutions - all this makes it possible to make a qualitative leap in the development of your business and in your personal growth. How often do you, as a manager, need to solve several simultaneous tasks to pump the team, find non-standard solutions for project implementation, change roles in the organization or significantly change the team itself? Just imagine that this is now possible. All at the same time.

"Genesis" has become one of the favorite tools in the work, it allows you to use all the skills that you acquire before meeting it. Every game is an event, a ritual, a celebration.

Natalia Gubernskaya

Based on the idea that experience is the best teacher, business games are a live, interactive process where teams get to experience real - world scenarios and respond to them, which can challenge them and inspire to new and unconventional solutions. Whatever it’s a team building experience, onboarding programs or change management initiative business games are related to the work environment and directly affect employee productivity and motivation in the long term. This gives teams the space to unlock their dormant creative potential, take an innovative view of the scope of their work, and step up their efforts to achieve work-related goals. 

Empower your team by trying the positive professional and deep psychological impact of business games on your organization. Maximize employee engagement and effectiveness.

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Learning through interaction and fun

Whether it's about building a team, improving employees' knowledge, testing their skills, or just having fun, business games are undoubtedly the most intertaining and interesting way to accomplish these tasks. 

Business games are used to teach skills and concepts related to the economy or the business world. This may include content on corporate or business management, finance, human resources, negotiations, or stock market trading. Business games have long gone beyond gatherings in pleasant company. They require a professional leader and serve as a tool for solving a variety of tasks - from analyzing customer behavior to mastering the technique of personal finance management. For more than 10 years, our business games have helped companies around the world achieve their goals through a fun and useful game process. We have compiled a list of business games in conjunction with the manuals and instructions available for deployment in your company.

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Based in Latvia Eugene Geller is one of the world's engines and promoters of the business games market. Developed the first business game in 2000. At the moment, he has created more than 15 authored business games. He is the author and developer of the largest (more than 1000 participants at the same time) and longest (more than 5 days in a row) game project. Author and developer of unique gaming platforms (Genesis, MatriX, NetWorker, etc.) for business and personal development. Evgeny Geller is a regular participant of conferences "Modern therapeutic transformational games", Work, Play & Create, "Big game" and "Insight" festivals. Among business games clients are URALSIB, SKOLKOVO Moscow school of management, KPMG, Tupperware, MTS and many others.

17 countries
300+ gamemasters
386 game kits sold

Learning by doing

Business games outcomes


By simulating real life problems, business games can enable participants to practice their knowledge and skills in real time. Immersion in corporate problems that are regularly faced by owners, managers and managers of organizations occurs in a safe environment, completely avoiding the economic risks of working out situations in real life. At the same time, it is possible to go the full way of studying the situation from the response to its complete solution.


Another key aspect of business games is their ability to capture engagement and participation of every person involved. Numerous studies show that our brain remembers knowledge better if we actively participate or interact in learning it. Compared to classroom or video lessons, business games enhance students’ direct emotional and mental participation.


An opportunity for any team member to try different communication models, see themselves in them in different roles and, as a result, develop their own communication style. An incredible tool for young organizations and for those companies who want to reach a new level of team play.


A competitive advantage for any company existing in an international context. Unlike classroom activities, these business games can be quickly and reliably implemented anywhere in the world. Many of the best business games currently available only require participants to have smartphones and an Internet connection.

Our Games


One of the most controversial and magical business games everIn essence, "Genesis" is a coaching about working with changes in a person's life that can occur in the process and as a result of realizing their dreams.

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MatriX game combines several methods of brainstorming, strategy sessions, and focus groups in a single game. This provides game variability and allows you to find a non-standard, breakthrough solution to your business.

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"NetWorker" is a modern oratorical tool that allows you to work with the skills of communication, self-presentation and keeping the audience's attention. This game is useful for everyone whose activities are related to any type of communication – both personal and business.

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Time for Yourself

"Time for yourself" is a simple and effective psychological and entertainment tool packed in the format of an exciting board game.

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