We know that you care about the health of your organization, not only today, but in the long run. Only one tool has been designed to assess the organizational health using three timeframes: Today, tomorrow, and in the long run. We call it the OHD: Organizational Healthspan Diagnostic.

Organizational Healthspan Diagnostic

A multi-dimensional MRI for your organization, that helps you see into the future

Organizational Healthspan Diagnostic is a comprehensive tool that allows you to tap the internal organizational wisdom to identify the success drivers, and avoid failure traps in your organization. Using a large sample of opinion-holders, we create a 3-D image of the company, that allows you to focus on the most critical areas that may limit your success in the future.

Organizational distortions, resulting from lack of self-awareness, communication issues, inability to identify and manage weak signals, lead to efficiency losses and in some cases – to the overall failure. OHD uses powerful tools for detecting these distortions and suggests tailor made solutions for fixing them.

How is your organization viewed today?

How will it adjust to difficult situations in the future?

How will it adjust to hardship? Will it bounce back, or bounce forward?

Our research suggests that there are the 3 most critical components any organization must evaluate, to assess its own health:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Leadership
  • Relationships

At the end of the process you will have a 3X3X3 matrix that lets you plan for:

3 health dimensions:

Structure, Leadership and Relations

3 components

For each dimension

3 timeframes:

Resonance (today), Resistance (tomorrow), Resilience (after)

Specific recommendations

Based on the level of agreement within and among people in different parts of your business

The OHD is a highly tailored solution, facilitated and supported by a certified consultant. It is easy to implement, and easy to understand and communicate, using the graphical representation of the results.

Like a spotlight, you get a beam that helps you implement solutions that focus on such things as your vision (or communicating it more effectively), an execution plan, giving your team a sense of meaning, or even the quality or relationships in your organization. By focusing on these pillars, you predict the long-term health of your organization, and can actually DO something to improve it. Every action you take becomes purposeful, and results in great immediate and long-term impact.

Leadership becomes better, the structure better fits your mission, and people feel more connected

This way, you can accomplish more. So much more.

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