Gain strength and enhance the immune system

New Healthspan Lab meetings with health experts hosted by Madina Estephan will return in September. Meanwhile, here are a few Madina’s well-being lifehacks for you! How do you summon up the energy and strengthen the immune system in the run-up to autumn?

Attention! Make sure you introduce no more than three new habits at once, or your brain will be up in arms against them.


Good quality sleep; the golden rule is to try to fall asleep before midnight. The full sleep cycle is 6-8 hours; in the kingdom of Vagus, the king of parasympathetic nervous system, your immune system is regenerated massively at the cell level. If that fails, at least go to bed 15 minutes earlier, gradually reducing the waking time.


All kinds of physical activities that bring pleasure, including casual dancing, should take at least 20 minutes a day ;)


Liquid intake: the optimum amount of liquid for you is determined individually; the general rule is 30-35 ml per kilogram of body weight, with average body physiology, at optimal air temperature: water, tea, soft drinks, soups, etc.


A balanced diet, limiting the amount of rapidly-digested sugars and eliminating ultra-processed foods.


Outdoor walks, at least 30 minutes.


Breathing exercises, whichever ones you know or can find – there’s plenty of them available for free. Meditation – put your brain on hold for five minutes or more using any kind of practices.


Dousing with cold water. Start it step-by-step, counting to 10 and extending by 5 seconds each day; it really works 👍. Take your time.


Practice of gratitude and forgiveness towards yourself and the others. Find 5-10 reasons to say thank you, enjoy simple joys, and your dopamine receptors will return it to you handsomely.


Liberate your positive emotions and don’t be shy to express them out loud. Your loved ones will appreciate this, and your body will get a healthy dose of oxytocin – that very hormone of happiness we lack so much. Make sure you hug your children, your friends, your parents, any good people 8 times a day or more. Pets also count!


Practice Information Detox – as often as possible. This eliminates most stress-inducing factors immediately!

Just another reminder: you should start with no more than three new habits of your choice.

Yours, M.

Medical doctor, expert in public health, PTM & PCM certified trainer, author of training solutions for healthcare.

Founder and Chief Well-Being Officer at "MAISON ESTEPHAN".

Dr. Madina Estephan

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