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Victoria Mikhailova

Sometimes we only think that we are acting consciously, but in fact we are turning on hidden mechanisms that guide our actions and thoughts. As a result, we behave unconstructively, and then rationalize our actions, look for an excuse for them — and even find it — but in the maelstrom of events, we are unable to cope with ourselves. The Emotional Assertiveness model allows you to make sense of such unconscious impulses in order to remain in a balanced state and be a happy person.

Victoria Mikhailova

Name: Victoria Mikhailova

Country: Russian Federation,

Language: French, English, Russian, Polish


Consultant and coach on strategy, leadership, partnership. Process Communication Model and Emotional Assertiveness Master Trainer, French Foreign Trade Advisor, EO member. Lecturer at HEC Paris & Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Sensemakers Co-Founder & Director

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