Time for yourself

As a workaholic I have trouble switching to the "leisure mode". I decided to create a game that frees one from work related "mental gum" and gives resources for proper rest and recuperation

Evgeniy Geller

Name: Evgeniy Geller

Country: Russian Federation,

Language: Russian, Latvian


Business and personal growth games author and developer. Founder and owner at GellerGames. Board member of International Game Practitioners Association. Speaker at international game development conferences. Creator of unique gaming solutions for major corporate clients.

Recharge your batteries and build a personal path to a happy life

"Time for yourself" is a simple and effective psychological and entertainment tool packed in the format of an exciting board game.

It allows you to quickly bring to life all those who are tired, burned out, displaced or sacrificed their pleasures for a high or expensive goal. The game allows you to expand the participant's attention to the joys of life that people have not allowed themselves for a long time, due to lack of time or opportunity. 

"Time for yourself" is the first anti-stress tool in the form of a table game.

It can be played in a interpersonal or in a corporate format.

Designed for

Any employee of any team from any organization in any economic sphere. It doesn't matter if you are a leader, senior manager, head of direction, or employee. The important thing is that this game can raise your inner energy, increase motivation and give a new impetus to your work and life.  

Format of the event

  • The game is designed for 2-12 participants
  • On average, the game lasts 2-3 hours
  • Simple rules that are clear to the host and players
  • Game mechanics of working with flavors that are not present in any other game


State of tone and unmotivated joy of life.

Over the years, our pleasures are more often associated with work (money, status, recognition, and so on), forgetting about our communication, books, music, and creativity. And during the game, we get access to these "forgotten pleasures".

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