The true art of communication starts with the ability to speak.

Evgeniy Geller

Name: Evgeniy Geller

Country: Russian Federation,

Language: Russian, Latvian


Business and personal growth games author and developer. Founder and owner at GellerGames. Board member of International Game Practitioners Association. Speaker at international game development conferences. Creator of unique gaming solutions for major corporate clients.

Ice breaking game

Communication skills simulator

"NetWorker" is a modern oratorical tool that allows you to work with the skills of communication, self-presentation and keeping the audience's attention.

This game is useful for everyone whose activities are related to any type of communication – both personal and business.

The variety of forms of this game is necessary, first of all, for sales, advertising, and marketing employees. 16 game decks allow you to simulate any communication situation-starting from the place of communication, continuing with values and hobbies, ending with metaphors or social roles. If your activity is related to negotiations, sales, or just communication, during which you need to attract attention — "NetWorker" is the best simulator for processing communication skills.


  • Improving self-presentation skills
  • Working out flexibility in dealing with questions and objections
  • Improving verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Creating an individual conversational style
  • Development of communication and sales scripts
  • Development of manifestations of confidence in situations of verbal conflict

Designed for

  • Heads of sales departments
  • Employees of marketing, PR, advertising, and service departments
  • Freelancers whose activities are related to various types of services
  • Professionals in communications

Game outcomes

  • Training young employees in basic communication skills
  • Creating conversational scripts for sales department employees based on individual characteristics (emotions, style, intonation, gestures, structure)
  • Personnel assessment

Methods used

The tool is based on the following communication elements:

  • Negotiation algorithms
  • Social influence techniques
  • Cooperation mechanisms
  • Feedback methods

Format of the event

  • A board game for 6 people
  • Can be modified into individual or group work
  • Session duration 3-4 hours

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