We live in an extraordinary age when an idea can be worth more than an existing business.

Evgeniy Geller

A breakthrough ideas for your business

MatriX is a creative facilitation platform in the form of a table game

MatriX games combines several methods of brainstorming, strategy sessions, and focus groups in a single game. This provides game variability and allows you to find a non-standard, breakthrough solution to your business. MatriX is a creative platform with which you can develop any startup to the scale of a successful company or even a world-class Corporation.

During the game, an atmosphere of creativity and openness is created. There is no place for pressure and criticism. But new ideas and insights are welcome. The task of participants is to give out, come up with, and generate as many fresh solutions as possible. And they will analyze and evaluate them later at another time and using other methods.

This game is like a living organism. It is constantly growing and developing. It responds very clearly to the needs of the market. This is why new versions of the creative platform are being created and existing ones are being modified.

  • Refine or search for a target audience
  • "Packaging" of the company's product or service for the selected target audience
  • Support of marketing or advertising campaigns
Designed for
  • Business owners, top managers
  • Heads of departments
  • Employees of marketing, PR and advertising departments 
  • HR as part of internal education
Game outcomes
  • New client niches
  • Ideas for "packaging" products
  • Ideas for promoting the company's brand target audience
Creative methods
  • Focal object method
  • Method of garlands of accidents and associations
  • Direct and reverse brainstorming
  • Morphological analysis (Zwicky method)
Psychological methods
  • Synectics
  • Fairy-tale therapy
Format of the event
  • Board game for 8-16 people, 
  • Can be modified into individual or group work. 
  • Session duration 3-4 hours

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