Genesis is high-level negotiations with your desires. 

It is an opportunity not only to talk, but to truly come to terms with them. 

Evgeniy Geller

Empower yourself

One of the most controversion and magical business game ever

In essence, "Genesis" is a coaching about working with changes in a person's life that can occur in the process and as a result of realizing their dreams.

What is especially important is that this format of work, unlike many others, is not an attempt to impose a new worldview, ideology, or method of action on the participant with a certain degree of leniency. Here the participant is looking for their own unique ways to work with their personal resources and limitations, and the game mechanics and the host only help them in this.

Genesis can be described as coaching, counseling, social rehabilitation or intellectual leisure. Or you can also use it as a training or therapy group. It's hard to compare Genesis with any other game in terms of the depth of possible search queries and the effectiveness of products, although we have searched for a long time and diligently.

An example

The simplest and most lively. The man actively worked for 10 years, denying himself the rest of many joys of life. As a result of the crisis, he went broke and became depressed. Now he is trying to get a job and has several offersOne-about "money", the second-about "team", the third-about "not far from home" and the fourth - about "prospects". And the matter is complicated by the fact that he can no longer work about "money", and about the rest - "does not remember". As a result of the Game, the man "heard" what he wanted at this stage and made decisions.


The main goal of the Game is the interaction of a person with their own or their own desires. Each of us has desires or dreams that we would like to fulfill, but for various reasons we do not. The reasons may be different - time, circumstances, fear, or perhaps ignorance of ways to achieve, reluctance to seek help, or social disapproval. And desire knows no barriers — it "wants" and that's all. Moreover, these may be desires of various kinds — related to relationships, creativity, finding yourself, changing activities, or some more specific-business, leisure, acquisitions, or vice versa - the completion of projects or relationships.

The game is a simulator for yourself and your desire. This is an opportunity to take a desire that we really want and live with it together.

This is where interesting things begin – during the gameplay, unnecessary conditions or details "fall off" from the original wording of the desire and only what is really important to the player remains. That is something for which it is really worth implementing it. And what is extremely important - the gameplay itself allows you to fill this renewed and purified desire with power and pull from personal experience those skills or resources that can help you realize your dreams.

In addition that's where and when the players' personality is evident. During the process, players pay attention to the things that affect our desires as contacts, emotions, beliefs, memories, actions, and, of course, choices.

Designed for

Any person who would like to fulfill any desire that for some reason does not come true. Because to live in the "world of your fulfilled desires" is much more pleasant than in the "world of constant duty and duties". Plus, the Game itself is worth it to have an adventure.

Methods used

How is Playing different from therapy or coaching

Here there is a subtle point – the very difference that distinguishes all these processes. Therapy or coaching is still an external process. In other words, the psychologist or coach provokes changes by asking questions. And the game allows people to move independently and be more active in their desires. This is very important. Plus the form of the Board game itself allows the game participants to be more natural.

There are 4 themes that the plays go through:







Motivation overview

Motivation overview

During the game the hidden emotions and thoughts come to the light. As well as inner negative motivation like anger, envy, or, for example, revenge reveale themself and thus it becomes possible to change them to positive ones.

Format of the event


A board game for 4 participants


Session duration 8 hours (on average)

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