Surfing the waves of stormy labour market

by Victoria Mikhailova

While large corporations have just begun to inform the public about their layoff plans, there are more and more CVs and names of those who voluntarily quit or lost their jobs around us and in social networks against the backdrop of the pandemic and the crisis.

Young professionals who have just graduated are reasonably concerned about the hardships of entering the complex labor market in this context.

As “old sea dogs” who have survived more than one crisis, we want to share advice on what will help you go through the storm.


Be tenacious and flexible

Both in storm and in calm, tenacity and creativity will help you cope with any situation. The basic qualities necessary for finding a job remain the same: follow the events, knock on all doors, be ready, be interested and be genuinely fully present at meetings. Act with a tactical approach, analyze industries and look for those where new opportunities are opening up, think and find enterprises with potential. Having experience and diploma is great, and the ability to adapt and find new opportunities will help you find the door to a new world hidden behind the old canvas.


Do not be afraid of steep turns and trust your intuition

Even if you have a clearly defined route, be pragmatic and do not be afraid to act pragmatic! You do not need to strive to live your fantasies and implement the desired plan A at any cost, while a no less worthy plan B opens up to you.
Why not take advantage of the lull to reach your potential and fulfill yourself in a new way? You worked in finance, but always wanted to paint? You were a bartender, but you dreamed of building houses? You are in luck, the crisis will allow you to find your true path.
Any person has much more talents than those that exist within the narrow confines of the profession indicated in the diploma. Numerous educational institutions and individual teachers offer a huge number of opportunities to acquire new knowledge. Reject the prejudices, accept the call and dare to follow your heart.


Get into the network...

No Man Is an Island. Strengthen your ties with other people. Of course, not just to hang out or bother others with your job search. Create genuine human relationships. We are now moving from a world of communities united by common interests to a world of communities united by common senses. Crisis is a time of unity and communication. It is in communities, in networks, that you will find fertile ground for your project and like-minded people with whom you will be brave and interested to try new things and create. There are many such platforms: alumni associations, professional and public communities such as, for example, Atlanty Business Club or Community of Living Cities. Sensemakers is also an ecosystem of transformers and creators of sense in organizations.


Crises make room for super projects

The speed with which we transform, change our habits, nutrition, work tools, and technology is unique. Facebook and Google have already announced that remote work will continue until the end of the year. Many predict that there will be no return to life before the pandemic. The technological revolution is larger than what happened in 2009 and led to the creation of Slack, Airbnb, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Uber, Zendesk, Square, Farfetch... New super projects are here, take a closer look!


Stay positive!

Crises toughen us and encourage us to show our creative potential (these qualities will be appreciated by any employer). They also force us to look for alternative ways and get out of the comfort zone. Changing is an energy-consuming task. It is often accompanied by the need to solve old problems that keep us from moving forward.

Are you tired? Are you stressed out? Take the time to strengthen your body and mind: meditation, yoga, exercise and warm evenings with friends. Tools such as the Process Communication Model or Emotional Assertiveness are more useful than ever. Spiritual development, reading, or art will also help.

No matter how terrible the crisis may seem to us, at least half of this total fear is occupied by our archaic fears. They have nothing to do with a particular situation, but cast monstrous shadows on it and make it frightening. A positive attitude is your flashlight that will shed light on the world and allow you to see the resources hidden in the

Consultant and coach on strategy, leadership, partnership. Process Communication Model and Emotional Assertiveness Master Trainer, French Foreign Trade Advisor, EO member. Lecturer at HEC Paris & Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Sensemakers Co-Founder & Director

Victoria Mikhailova 


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